WTDS DAF Sludge Dewatering Trials

DHMO on-site carrying out another dewatering trial, showcasing the capabilities of the new WTDS Disc Screw Press.

The WTDS Disc Screw Press delivers massive savings in transport/ disposal costs with lower power and water consumption and greatly reduced maintenance requirements when compared with alternative dewatering systems.

Existing installations consistently dewater from 5% to over 25% dry solids while processing DAF sludge, with less than 550mg/L suspended solids in the filtrate being discharged.

Containerised and skid-mounted options are available, with throughputs from 10-1600 kg DS/h.

If you would like to trial the WTDS or see the unit in action elsewhere, please get in touch:

general@dhmo.co.uk or 01224 920 036