GN’s Mobile Degritting Series for the effective removal of rag, grit and silt at source


Available in several configurations, from 18t lorries to HGV’s and throughputs of 45m3/Hr to 240m3/Hr, GN’s Mobile Degritting systems can remove solids down to 5 microns effectively and without the addition of chemicals.

Through the use of shale shakers, hydrocyclones and centrifuges in series, each individual piece of equipment is only tasked with removing solids within its optimal operating range. This leads to an extremely efficient and reliable degritting and dewatering process which places minimal strain on system components.

Separation Stages:

  • Stage 1: Shale Shakers (100 micron+)
  • Stage 2: Hydrocyclones / Desanders (100 – 70 microns)
  • Stage 3: Hydrocyclones / Desilters (70 – 25 microns)
  • Stage 4: Decanter Centrifuge (25 – 5 microns)

Set up time is minimised through the use of on-board power generation and quick release fittings and the high level of automation allows for minimal operator intervention. 

Mobile degritting systems are available for deployment across the UK through DHMO and permanent, static systems are also offered.

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