AD Tank Degritting Solution

Mobile Degritting System in Action.jpg

Through the innovative application of tried and tested separation equipment, GN Solids Europe has developed a system which addresses the ever increasing issue of grit build-up in AD tanks.

Conventionally, when a digester fills with grit and its capacity is strangled, the waste is removed by vacuum tanker in saturated form, transported and disposed of, incurring considerable costs in the process.

GN's system uses water under pressure to break up the grit, before the resultant fluid is dewatered and the wash water recycled for further use. 

The resultant benefits are: 

  • Tri-separation of grit (large, fine and fine-organic matter) which can be disposed of or re-used accordingly
  • Minimal man entry into digester tanks through the use of remote controlled and camera-operated equipment
  • Increased grit removal rate (averaging 120m3 in an 8-hour shift), compared to around 64m3/Hr via conventional means
  • Massive reduction in waste removal cost. The system returns grit at typically 30% less in weight than the pre-treated grit, due to the proficient dewatering process

Mobile systems are available across the UK and permanent systems are also offered. 

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