Desanding Unit Applications - Mobile, Low Footprint Solids Removal

DHMO's range of desanding units are utilised to remove solids from drilling muds, TBM slurry, dredge slurry, sludge and sewage.

This is achieved via the following process:

- Fluid is delivered to a coarse screen which removes solids and foreign objects above 3-5mm, before fluid enters an under-screen catch tank

- On-board pump delivers fluid from tank to desanders or desilters, separating solids down to 30-50 microns

- Settled solids from hydrocyclone(s) are sprayed onto fine screen to be dewatered

- Cleaned fluid is delivered under pressure from hydrocyclone(s)

DHMO's range of desanding units are supplied as complete packages, including control panel and catch tank and are fully plug and play.

DHMO can also offer systems for rental, subject to availability.

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Desanding Unit - In Operation.jpg