Getting more from your Centrifuge


Part 2: The importance of properly optimising your centrifuge.  

The importance of properly optimising your centrifuge can not be overstated, with resultant benefits including; reduced waste disposal costs, reduced chemical consumption, reduced strain on downstream equipment as well as reduced power consumption and longer maintenance intervals due to fewer running hours being required.

When a process fails to achieve the desired results the focus is often on adding more; adding more engineering, adding more chemicals, making multiple passes through the system. The fact is that centrifuges are very well refined and can achieve extremely impressive results but their ability to do so is dependent on certain process parameters remaining within an optimal range. For example, disc stack separators depend heavily on the selection of the correct gravity disc for the medium being processed as well as the correct discharge pressure and self-cleaning intervals. Decanters on the other hand require that both the bowl speed and the relative speed of the conveyor to the bowl be correctly selected.

Achieving the best possible results from your separation system requires the assistance of technicians with years of experience in doing so, followed by in-depth training of site operators and implementation of a process of continuous optimisation.  

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