Getting more from your Centrifuge

DHMO1 (4).jpg

Part 1: Willing your centrifuge to be bigger…….will not make it bigger (spot the metaphor).

When optimising our clients separation systems, we often find their centrifuges are not delivering the desired results due to being operated at their absolute capacity or beyond. The issue here is that, while it may be technically possible to pump a certain volume through the machine, if the fluid spends very little time within the bowl (retention time) there will be little opportunity for the centrifugal forces it is subjected to, to separate it into its component phases.

Thus, better results can be achieved by lowering the feed-rate and giving the centrifuge a chance to do its job. If, however, the demands of the process mean that the system must be operated in this way, then there is a possibility it has been sized incorrectly (call DHMO). While this issue may necessitate the installation of a replacement or supplementary unit, there are other means of optimising the process which should be explored first.

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