Disc Stack Separators


Disc Stack Separators operate at a higher speed of rotation than most other Centrifuges, facilitating the separation of very fine particles and liquids with only a small difference in density.

There exists a wide range of Separator types, designed to suit an equally wide range of applications. These include Food and Beverage, Municipal and Industrial Waste, Fuel and Lubricating Oils and Pharmaceuticals.

DHMO supplies new and refurbished Disc Stack Separators for all applications and throughputs. All refurbished equipment we provide is stripped and inspected by highly trained engineers before being tested extensively and comes with a 12-month warranty as standard. DHMO can also construct bespoke systems around your chosen equipment and provide a complete installation and commissioning service.

Once installed, we offer staff training and service plans to suit our clients' requirements. DHMO offers a wide variety of separation and filtration equipment, focusing mainly on the following:

  • Disc Stack Separators
  • Decanter Centrifuges
  • DAF Units
  • Filtration Systems

e: general@dhmo.co.uk, t: 01224 920 036