Getting more from your Centrifuge


Part 4: The importance of temperature control.

The importance of temperature control in separation processes cannot be overstated. With regards to processes which incorporate a centrifuge, precise manipulation of the temperature of the fluid to be treated can greatly increase the effectiveness of the process, or even be necessary to achieve separation at all.

The reasons behind this are two-fold. Firstly, the sedimentation process depends entirely on a difference in density being present. Increasing the temperature of the fluid simply increases the density difference between the phases to be separated. Secondly, and with a greater relevance to viscous fluids such as HFO or waste oils, decreasing the viscosity of the fluid is of huge importance. In essence, this is because with a lower viscosity it is easier for the phases being separated to “move through” the fluid and be collected, prior to discharging. Any increase in temperature of these fluids will have a resultant decrease in viscosity.

Achieving the best possible results from your separation system requires the assistance of technicians with years of experience in doing so, followed by in-depth training of site operators and implementation of a process of continuous optimisation.  

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