Liquid treatment challenges call for bespoke solutions, implemented by experts. 

DHMO provides separation solutions to the Industrial and Municipal waste, O&G and Food and Beverage Industries. 



We specialise in separation systems and associated equipment. Our highly trained engineers possess the expertise and technical knowledge to recommend, supply, install and maintain the equipment you require.

We offer a wide range of treatment solutions, including the following:

  • Decanter Centrifuges

  • DAF Units

  • High Speed Separators

  • Shakers

  • Degritting / Dewatering Solutions

  • Desanders / Desilters

  • Cuttings Dryers

DHMO are also experts in fluid analysis and treatment. We take a pragmatic approach to our clients' challenges, using our knowledge of chemistry and a wide range of treatment processes to determine the best possible solutions. Often, all that is required is fine tuning of an existing process. However, where standalone or supplementary equipment is required, we can construct bespoke systems to suit your needs and provide them on long term rental or for purchase.