DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Units

DAF Units are a highly effective means of reducing TSS, BOD, COD and FOG in wastewater from all manner of sources.

daf-plant (1).jpg

This is achieved by dissolving air in the water which then releases tiny bubbles. These bubbles adhere to the suspended matter, causing them to float to the surface and facilitating their removal by means of a skimming device. 

DHMO provides turn-key DAF Systems for wastewater and effluent

  • 5m3/Hr

  • 10m3/Hr

  • 20m3/Hr

  • 50m3/Hr

  • 100m3/Hr

DHMO also offer bespoke systems up to 200m3/Hr in capacity. 

With reductions of up to 90% COD and over 95% suspended solids, our DAF Units offer trouble-free discharge to sewer or watercourse.

Our equipment is available for outright purchase or rental and, once installed, we offer staff training and service plans to suit our clients' requirements.

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