Bespoke System Builds

At DHMO we pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions to meet our clients' challenges. With the wide range of applications for mechanical separation and filtration equipment, the "one-size-fits-all" philosophy rarely results in satisfied clients and repeat business. 


We prefer to conduct an extensive site survey and discuss our clients' requirements at length, to hone in on what is is really needed. We then present a technical proposal, often comprising several options covering a range of budgets and capabilities.

Once an option has been agreed upon and the build completed, DHMO provides a full installation and commissioning service, as well as staff training and on-going maintenance plans, all tailored to maximise the longevity of your equipment and the effectiveness of your process. 

This tailored service is available across all our treatment solutions (Centrifuges, DAF Systems and Filtration Systems).

Contact us to discuss your requirements